Marlene Mayman, Artist

My name is Marlene (please say Mar-lay-nuh). I was born in Frankfurt to German parents and adopted by an American couple living there, becoming an American citizen at the age of about 4. My long-smoldering creative embers were stoked in 2017 by meeting both sides of my birth families (a fascinating and life-changing experience), and learning that artists go way back in my maternal and paternal lineages.

Light and color have long been a passion, thus far expressed through my pastel work of largely traditional subjects. I am exploring the medium and techniques in ways new to me, with an eye toward developing a more sophisticated artistic vision.

In addition to pastels, my tentative forays into transient art — temporary art for the outdoors — have been fun explorations that I hope to expand upon through collaboration with other artists and makers. I have received art grants and built a 12’ seahorse effigy for a regional Burning Man festival, two 8’ mushroom sculptures with seats and glowing gills, banjo effigies complete with fireworks, designed a burn barrel and more. My interactive installations pieces used atypical media including driftwood, lumber, fabric and electro-luminescent wire, i.e. elwire … and were later burned by design.

I paint and sculpt, as well as illustrate and design. Please visit my artist Facebook page.

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